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Scidaq Solutions Ltd is about all things IoT and Robotics - but aimed at learning and hobbies.

We have a shop (see our shop)
We have projects for you to build, each of these projects has been built using parts indicated and we have actually built the project and got it working so we can actually help you.
Our return policy is based on a no quibble, we want you to experience the best, but understand that you can inadvertantly make red to black and black to red and even red to red (i.e. short circuit or reverse the polarity). As we work on a minimum profit to allow our goods to be available your mistakes can cost us a lot. So if it is our mistake its our problem, if it is your mistake, come and talk to us.

We are staring the process with the Raspberry Pi in (coding clubs) , so we'll be adding sign-ups before long so you can come along and join the fun.

As software developers for the last about 30 years (Started when data was stored on cassets and 84K was absolutely massive), we have build many projects on many technologies (so now is the time to pass the batton on).
We started 18 years ago with our own IoT application which has grown and developed, it now includes GPS handling.The Scidaq (Scientific Data Acquisition) is an IoT application that runs on its own cloud or connects to backbones like AWS and Azure.

Attention has been paid to new technologies, use of Mobile devices - both with apps and web. The MMI adapts to all screen types. Mobile, Tablet, Large screen, portable, scoreboard, with user set intervals down to one second...

SciDaQ is the way to bring it all together in one place. See the demo. Interested? Please send us a request to view the demo and we will send you a demo access link.
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